The 7 Best Mobile Game Creator Software and Tools in 2020

Mobile Game Creator software is required in other to create a successful working video game, especially now that game business is booming through Mobile Game Development.

Since people use their smartphone the most, it is the perfect choice for a game developer to pick the right Mobile Game Creator software that will help them to develop more interactive and interesting games.

Games that are created for the Android platform are the best way to earn more profits for this industry.

Before diving into this booming business, you need to execute the process of making the app properly and use the best android game Mobile Game Creator platforms.

list of best Mobile Game Creator software

But no need to worry here is a list of 7 Mobile Game Creator Tools tools or platforms that will help you develop interactive mobile game apps with ease.

since this is a long review, here is the short navigation menu to each of the section, select anyone that suits you below to easily read the review


Unreal Engine – 1st best Mobile Game Creator software

Mobile Game Creator software
Unreal Engine – Mobile Game Creator editing surface

Unreal Engine allows building game that would be supported by the majority of platforms and operating systems. It offers the developers 2 main tools: traditional C++ and visual scripting Blueprints that help deal with the game logic quickly.

It is developed to meet all the needs of both enterprise and small games projects. It’s suitable for creating games of any genre from shooters to quests.

To make things clear, forums contain many helpful documents and YouTube-channels stream many tutorials and guides for beginners.
Unreal Engine has a powerful toolset that includes:

  • C++ code view, full source code access and scripting.
  • Film-quality visual effects creation tool.
  • Advanced, flexible and customized artificial intelligence.
  • Real-time rendering tool.
  • Complete audio system.
  • Instant game preview.
  • Hot reload function.

This tool is completely free to start with. While the project hits $3000 profit you should give just 5% royalty on your game. It appears to be a profitable supply for getting into video game development market.


completely free for small projects.

for commercial products with more than $3,000 per calendar quarter, it takes 5% from revenue.

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Unity – 2nd best Mobile Game Creator software

Mobile Game Creator software
Unity – Mobile Game Creator editing surface

This is the globe leading tool in the game development business. Unity provides multi-platform solutions for making a super 2D and 3D games.

Developers use it to make a lot of easy and AAA-class games. And is very, important for beginners developers – Unity has already a strong community with an immersive number of guides and tutorials.

Tons of features, preset models, textures and documentation would help new developers peruse with Unity advantages.

Moreover, the extension of Unity isn’t a problem with flexible free and paid addiction services in the Unity Asset Store. But even standard ones would help anyone develop a great project.

Play Mode integrated into the Unity engine would help developers debug projects fast by running and pausing project any time.

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AppGameKit – 3rd best Mobile Game Creator software

Mobile Game Creator software
AppGameKit – Mobile Game Creator software

AppGameKit is a solution for multiplatform game projects. The platform was mentioned in top 15 game frameworks of 2014.

It is suitable for both new and experienced game developers. Key advantages of AppGameKit are:

Simplicity: its own programming language is similar to C++ is AGK BASIC. So it enables developers to start developing games without much time of learning it.
Sell your apps anywhere using the engine’s guides.
AppGameKit IDE includes:

  1. colour schemes.
  2. full debugger.
  3. code folding.
  4. compiler.
  5. editor.

The main feature is cross-platform support and capability to own one project for all platforms. Platforms: Windows Phone, iOS, Android
SDK costs $39 – $99.
Average bundle cost $50.

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MonoGame – 4th best Mobile Game Creator software

Mobile Game Creator software
MonoGame – Mobile Game Creator Tools

MonoGame toolkit enables to build multi-platform games. It’s class architecture is similar to the XNA 4 API. The project runs on any C# or .Net languages.

If you already know those the mobile game development with MonoGame shouldn’t become difficult for you. Besides, there is a bunch of tutorials and guides to help you start your first project.

Platforms use shaders written in different languages. That’s why MonoGame developed its own language for making shaders – MGFX.

Finally, the program has the same structure such as;

  • Microsoft FX files,
  • text format for easy editing,
  • compiled binary format

Platforms: Windows Phone, iOS, Android. Price: free.

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Construct 2 – 5th best Mobile Game Creator software

Mobile Game Creator software
Editing a mobile game using Construct 2 Mobile Game Creator software

This mobile game creator game development tool is hypertext markup language [HTML5] platform that makes high-quality online games.

It requires no coding and has many features that aid in building a visually appealing game.

Construct 2 creates the game in less time and is multiplatform.
Supported platforms are other than Android or iOS, Windows Phone and Web platforms like Google Chrome, etc.

Price: 159.99 euro.

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Marmalade SDK – 6th best Mobile Game Creator software

 Mobile Game Creator software
Marmalade SDK – Mobile Game Creator dashboard

Marmalade is a multiplatform game making tool that uses C++ code for game building.

As a result, its main concept is “write once, run anywhere”. Marmalade includes a set of libraries, code examples, and tools to simplify programming,

testing and deploying applications on different platforms. Finally, it supports both 2D and 3D games development., the main features are;

  • Graphics renders by OpenGL directly
  • Usage of Android optimizations within the original codebase.
  • Open source of major components.
  • High performance.
  • Open architecture.
  • Quick conversion.
  • Marmalade provides developers with even more features, like:
  • support for specific capabilities of iOS and Android,
  • code-checker for ARM-platform.
  • the set of open APIs.
  • unique support.
  • test simulator.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone8, Tizen, Blackberry, Connected TV Platforms. Price: $600.

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Game Marker Studio 2 – 7th best Mobile Game Creator software

 Mobile Game Creator software
Game Marker Studio 2 – one of the Best Mobile Game Creator software

GameMarker Studio 2 was launched by YOYO games to create 2D games.

It lets you design the gaming app quickly with their drag and drop feature and language which is easy to use.

Platforms that can use other than Android or iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire, PS Vita, and Tizen.

Price: a free version with no features and for purchasing features the price ranges from $150-$800.

My Final Thought on Game development software

There are tons of different mobile game development tools. These are the best android app development platforms and tools that will help you in amazing android gaming app development.

While choosing a platform, keep in mind the basic game idea, budget, markets, and expectations.

What is your favorite Mobile Game Creator software or tools?

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